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Why Watercolor Misfit?

posted by Misfit April 3, 2017

I’ve been asked many a time, “Why Watercolor Misfit?”    Well, I think you need some background before I answer this question.

As a kid, I remember being asked over and over again “what do you want to be when you grow up?”   In some strange way, it seemed like your career somehow determined WHO YOU WERE as a person.  That the two were interconnected in some way.  As I’ve grown, I’ve realized this is so far from the truth.  

Who I am is not wrapped up in what I do but rather in how I do it.   


So, that being said, if you had asked me – what do you want to do when you grow up while I was in middle school – I would have replied teaching others through filmmaking. I even wrote a paper on how I wanted to be a filmmaker who taught others.  I’m not sure why, but I really wanted to use my art and film skills to teach.   

That, however, wasn’t a career that didn’t fit into a college majors at that time.   Now a days – that request seemed very feasible – but at that time most people were just learning to use dial up internet.  Youtube wasn’t around, Google wasn’t here – Super Nintendo was the big rave when I was growing up.   So, my parents graciously pushed me into a career that made more financial sense – a teacher. 

CAREER PATH TAKEN but to where?

So I went down this career path and graduated with a Masters In Teaching.   All I needed to do was find a job.  But this career path wasn’t going to go as planned.   

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t seem to find a job.  So, that’s when I had to think up a plan B.  I started tutoring and teaching art – to which I had NO FORMAL TRAINING.   I just enjoyed doing it on the side.    Funny how life works sometimes, because within a 3 year span I was working the same amount of hours as a teacher with a simple side job in art.  Around this time, I met my boyfriend- soon to be husband.

After seeing my art talent and knowing about my dream to teach through film and art – He asked me “Why don’t you teach online?”


And that’s how I ended up in my current “career” of being an artist.   With a little bit of courage and support I stepped out on faith and took the leap.   This wasn’t the career I had chosen  – but in some strange way just by me living out my passions and pursuing my interests against all odds – I seemed to stumbled into my dream job from childhood.   And this is why I call myself Watercolor Misfit – because this dream never should have been.

Lots of Love and Thanks for Reading,


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