December 12, 2019


I will admit whole heartily – I have a problem when it comes to art supplies. If given the opportunity to buy a new pair of shoes to replace the ones in my closet that the soles are falling off of or purchase a new art supply – I’d HANDS-DOWN NO QUESTIONS ASKED – purchase the new supply and continue to walk around in those grungy shoes for another year. (Hence the reason my wardrobe is a bit dated – but what do I care when a shiny new supply is ready to be used in my hands…)

Recently, I put out a video on my YouTube channel talking about some supplies that I recently discovered in 2019 – and ya’ll overwhelmingly asked for me to put together a list of my fav supplies – that are my go to’s. (I’ll link that video down below). So here we go! You’ve been warned – this is gonna get lengthy! But here are my all time fav supplies that a use on a weekly – if not daily basis. And yeah – I use all of these lol…

Affiliate Disclosure: Please note that these are affiliate links, so by purchasing through these links I do get a very small 4% percentage of the sale and you will be supporting me – thanks. That said, I do use these supplies myself.


After filming the paper series, I’ve found myself drawn to two brands of watercolor paper – Arches and Fabriano Artistico. I switch back and forth between these brands often – so purchase whatever is cheapest for you. But I will say – the Fabriano has a much softer “tooth” or texture compared to Arches. So if you prefer smoother cold press paper Fabriano is the way to go. I also want to note – for professional paintings for work – I use Arches 300lb paper – but those can get pretty pricey – so I won’t include it below.



Bee Paper Company Watercolor Book

Now if these are still out of your price range – I recommend Bee paper watercolor book. But since putting out the paper series on YouTube – this little guy has been out of stock ever since. :( So if you can find it – get your hands on the journal. It has the best inexpensive paper on the market!


The next supply I use on the daily are my drawing pencils. I use the Kimberly Drawing pencils in 6H and 9H since these are the hardest leads you can purchase from this brand. The reason I want hard graphite lead pencils – is because the harder the lead the lighter the pencil lines and the sharper the point I can achieve with my pencil. So these are a must have for me. I purchase mine from Blick Online Art Store (I’ll include a link below) – but know some of you can get them cheaper off Amazon. So – I’ll include both. ?


Kimberly Graphite Drawing Pencils 9H
Kimberly Graphite Drawing Pencils 6H

Once again, this supply has sold out on Amazon. So I’ve included a link to JetPens for this eraser. I absolutely love this eraser – and hope they restock it soon on Amazon – but for the time being you can purchase it from the link above or by clicking on the image below. ?

Prismacolor Scholar Pencil Sharpener

BRUSHES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Currently, the three brands of brushes I’m playing around with are Silver Brushes, Da Vinci Quill/Mop Brushes, & Grumbacher Synthetic Brushes. If you were only going to pick up one set of these – I recommend trying the silver brushes first. They are a mixture of synthetic bristles and natural squirrel hair. But if you want to try an all natural watercolor brush – test out the Da Vinci Brushes I’ve linked below. You can get them slightly cheaper on Blick Art Store – so I’ve linked to there. But can also purchase them on Amazon. They are called Quill brushes on Blick but Mop brushes on Amazon. And finally – my fav synthetic brushes are Grumbacher.

Silver Brushes Watercolor Set
Da Vinci Mop/Quill Brushes sizes 2, 1, and 0
Grumbacher Golden Toray Round Watercolor Synthetic Brushes sizes 14, 12, 6, 4, 2, 1, 0

PALETTES >>>>>>>>>>>>

Currently, I have 3 types of watercolor palettes – one to store my paints, one for mixing colors, and the last one is a deep well palette usually used for watercolor concentrates or for large amounts of paint mixtures. But keep in mind – you don’t have to purchase these palettes below. Just be creative and keep your eyes out for smooth white surface dishes (especially those made of porcelain). Many of ya’ll have told me countless stories of finding mixing palettes at thrift stores for a couple of bucks! So get on the hunt and have an adventure! I guarantee you will be shocked at the difference when mixing on a plastic or metal surface compared to a porcelain one.

Color Around Aluminum Watercolor Palette

Porcelain Tasting Plates from World Market (mixing palette)

Porcelain 4-Section Tasting Trays from World Market (deep well palette)


The three sets of ink I used most often are listed below. I love using ink pens because of their control, fountain ink because of it’s loose effects, and white ink for correcting/adding those white highlights back into a painting. I also use Bombay Inks from Ph Martin’s – but don’t reach for those on a daily basis – so I won’t include them here.

Sakura Pigma Micron Ink Pen Set, Black
J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink
Copic Opaque White Pigment


Currently, I’ve been experimenting with using both watercolor pencils and colored pencils in my paintings. I’ve really liked adding the effects both of these can achieve!

Derwent Watercolor Pencils
Faber-Castell Colour Pencils

RANDOM SUPPLIES >>>>>>>>>>>>>

I’m placing the next two supplies as just random supplies that I absolutely love! The first is an artist glove that wraps around your hand while drawing or painting. This has been so helpful for me since it prevents the oil from my hands from contaminating my watercolor paper – which can leave really weird textures (since oil and water don’t mix). The second random supply has saved my back! It’s an adjustable easel that not only helps with tilting my painting for gradient effects – but also saves my low back from cramping over a desk!

Articka Artist Glove
Daler-Rowney Artsphere Wooden Easel

PAINTS >>>>>>>>>>>

Now on to the good stuff! Watercolor paints! If you are comepltely new to watercolor and don’t really know what colors you like or dislike – I recommend picking up the Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 Color Set. I’ll link it here and below ? It has a wide assortment of colors pretty close to my palette. This will get you started with learning colors and just playing around.

But if you want to take it up a notch – these are the professional watercolors I love!


>>>> Quinacridone Magenta
>>>> Scarlet Lake
>>>> Cadmium Orange
>>>> Cadmium Yellow
>>>> Winsor Yellow
>>>> Green Gold
>>>> Winsor Green (Blue Shade)
>>>> Payne’s Gray
>>>> Winsor Violet
>>>> Yellow Ochre


>>>> Brilliant Pink
>>>> Shell Pink
>>>> Jaune Brilliant No. 2
>>>> Brilliant Orange
>>>> Olive Green
>>>> Horizon Blue


>>>> Brilliant Opera Rose
>>>> Cadmium Yellow Lemon
>>>> May Green
>>>>> Cobalt Turquoise
>>>> Burnt Umber


>>>> Opera Pink
>>>> Flesh Tint
>>>> Intense Blue


The next set of supplies are my liquid watercolors also known as watercolor concentrates! I love adding these to my current paints to pump it up a notch. If you want to try a limited supply of these to save on money – test out the primaries for the Ecoline (Magenta, Sky Blue, and Lemon Yellow) plus I recommend picking up Turquoise Green. Then check out these secondary colors from the a Radiant line such as (Tangerine, Tiger Yellow, Jungle Green, Wild Rose and Iris Blue). By picking up those 9 colors you should get a good feel for both brands plus have a good base to start mixing with using watercolor concentrates! And yes – you can mix these two brands together – plus mix these colors with your regular paints. Although – keep in mind some concentrates won’t mix well with tube paints – but for the most part they work well.

After exploring these colors – If you find you prefer one brand over the other or just want to explore more of my colors – below is a list of the colors I tend to be drawn to while painting. ? I have other colors that I like – but these tend to get used up the fastest.


>>>> Tangerine
>>>> Tiger Yellow
>>>> Tapestry
>>>> Chartreuse – from Blick
>>>> Olive Green
>>>> Calypso Green – from Blick
>>>> Jungle Green
>>>>Iris Blue – from Blick
>>>>Peacock Blue
>>>>Violet – from Blick
>>>>Wild Rose
>>>> Golden Brown
>>>> Pumpkin- from Blick


>>>> Magenta (Primary)
>>>>> Pastel Red
>>>> Apricot
>>>> Light Orange
>>>> Lemon Yellow (Primary)
>>>> Grass Green
>>>> Turquoise Green
>>>> Turquoise Blue
>>>> Sky Blue (Cyan) (Primary)
>>>> Ultramarine Blue
>>>> Red Violet
>>>> Deep Ochre
>>>> Yellow Ochre

And that’s it! Those are the supplies that I couldn’t live without! I hope you enjoyed this and hopefully have some ideas for your next art shopping haul!


  1. Me says:

    Thank you so much Carrie! This is so incredibly helpful! May I ask, have you used the Hahnemühle Cézanne paper any more… I loved you huge paper comparison and I remember you mentioning you wanted to try it more. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you so much again

    • Misfit says:

      I still like it – but it’s really expensive to purchase compared to Arches and Fabriano (surprisingly). I can typically get those two brands on discount or with a coupon. Sadly – they don’t carry Hahnemühle locally. :( But I still have an old pack from the series that I pull out every once and awhile.

  2. Amy Donohue says:

    This is a great help. I am not an artist so to get this guidance is priceless. I have a question: I don’t like it when a watercolor does that granulation thing. Am I just uneducated and people think this is pretty? Once you have a paint that does that is there any way to change it so it doesn’t?
    Thank you THANK YOU for your insights!! And PS I was BLOWN AWAY when you said you didn’t go to an art school and took a bunch of classes. I would have guessed you went to RI school of design. Holy cow. To have that talent. AMAZING.

  3. jean says:

    You are adorable! I love your videos and your top-notch art work and your personality.
    Thanks for all you do for us,(your followers). I think you could have an excellent profession as a videographer.
    Your videos are so cool to watch and informative. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas.

  4. joan canning says:

    Appreciate the time you spent in preparing your list and recommendations. I love to try out new art supplies and still have supplies from 20+ yrs ago and they have lasted the test of time. I’m very interest in the HOLBEIN WATERCOLORS and SCHMINCKE WATERCOLORS , heard such great things about these products but availability in Canada ordering is difficult. Just getting into some PH MARTIN’S RADIANT LINE with a few to test out. Over all I enjoy using most of the items listed. I’m a newbie when it comes to watercolour, but learning alot an yes I’ve made quite afew mistakes, patience isn’t one of my strong suits. Wishing you an your hubby a Merry Christmas and sure the dogs are on Santa’s good list…My cats are on the fence, since Lexie loves to steal my supplies when I’m away from the desk. But i wouldn’t have it any other way, love them both.

  5. joan canning says:

    Carrie guess you noticed I also enjoy saying a lot through my writing, as my daughter would say when she calls, ” Mom your not writing a short novel” her letters she gets could be 3 plus full length pages. Enjoy snail mail, so now I write to be continue at the end of a page. Oh! before I go, as I mentioned in your last video, what’s more exciting than anything, talking about art supplies etc….my friend is very kind and hopefully she’s listening to my ranting. Good night from Ontario Canada. No need to reply on this one, just a bit about a retired Mom

  6. Alexis says:

    So glad to have found this post, thank you for sharing, it’s incredibly helpful! Woo!

  7. Laura R. says:

    I discovered you and your amazing talents in January of this year, and I have to say…my abilities with watercolors have TRIPLED since I started following you. I have taken classes over the years and no one was ever able to make this medium make sense to me. My experiences with painting have been with oils and acrylics, and I have always wanted to learn watercolor but, I just could not GRASP how to use them. Now I do, thanks to you! I love this list of yours, and, will be going on a shopping SPREE in January! Thank you so much for all you do for us Misfits! Looking forward to more of your vids next year. Nice chair by the way, and I LOVE your fur babies too!

    • Misfit says:

      Aw Laura! Thanks so much! That means alot! I love to hear that what I’ve been teaching helps! ? Thanks so much for writing me! You cheered my day! ?

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