Death of a Dream

September 28, 2016

You may want to pour yourself a hot cup of joe and savor it’s sweet bold goodness before leaping with me into this topic.   I’m warning you, if you are looking for a lighthearted happy go lucky video this week – you may want to just pass on this episode.   Like I said, you’ve been warned….

Like most people, I try to be an optimist at life.   Always trying to find the good, even in a bad situation.   That being said… life isn’t always kind.  All my life, I’ve been told reach for the stars, dream big, hustle – and no matter the obstacles one day you will see your dreams come true.   While this isn’t necessarily a bad outlook on life – it still has the potential of breaking us and tearing us down in a potentially destructive way.    

What do I mean by this?  Well, let’s first consider the story plot of every fairy tale, movie or book formulated with a happy ending.  It’s ingrained in us wish hard enough, put a good amount of elbow grease into your dreams and one day you’ll see them come true.dealing-with-the-death-of-a-dream

But I have a question for you, one that I’ve rarely heard discussed – not to mention ever seen on the big screen. 

(NO MUSIC) What if that dream that you’ve been slaving away at, writing about in your journal, creating a fail safe plan to achieve – What if that dream – never comes to true?   My question is, What do you do when your plan, your dream dies? There’s no fairy godmother, no magical potion, nothing to resurrect it from it’s grimy ashes…your dream is done.  What do you do then? 

Carrie this is some pretty dark stuff, more like Brother’s Grimm than Disney fantasy. 

But I mean think about it for a second…why don’t we talk about it more?  I mean, every person at least once in their life is going to experience the death of a dream – whether on a small or grand scale.  So, why don’t we talk about it more?  I think it’s because hidden deep down subconscious we’ve swallowed a lie… and that lie is – If you don’t see your dream fulfilled then somehow YOU’VE FAILED.

I mean think about, what if Cinderella never met her prince?  What if the Little Mermaid never became a human?  Sounds pretty depressing.   But here’s the thing, our dreams don’t make us great.  Even our accomplishments no matter how great or small really mean nothing in the scope of time.    So, what really determines greatness?   I believe it’s in how we respond to failure and broken dreams.   Let’s face it, like I said earlier – life isn’t kind.  But after taking a moment to grieve, and there is a time to grieve, if we determine to pick ourselves back up again and start a new – the possibilities are truly endless.   


Now, I know every situation is different and every grieving process has its own time.   All I’m saying is I don’t want to stay there in that pit of sorrow.  I don’t want to give up just because my life’s plan didn’t turn out as I originally thought.  I love the idea of my life being a story slowly written day by day.  I want to live my life thinking that this roadblock is merely the end of a chapter not the end of my story. If you too are facing the death of a dream, don’t loose heart.  Remember our story, isn’t finished yet.


If you liked this post, you may want to check out my behind the scenes video or my story on the death of a dream – linked below.   :D

2 responses to “Death of a Dream”

  1. Sheri says:

    Wow just discovered your youtube videos and then your blog! So glad I did. You are so inspiring!! Thank you for being so real and honest. I have several friends who have walked this same journey. So very hard!! I pray God blesses your life and provides a new dream in his perfect plan for your life that is filled with joy and peace. Your hope shines through in your video!! I pray you continue to share your gift for teaching art to the rest of us. Your dog is so very cute too!! :) Had to share how much I have enjoyed and been blessed by you sharing your gift!! :) Thank you!!

  2. Jody says:

    I have been watching your youtube channel for a while now and God has given you so much talent! You are not alone on the death of a dream. I will not say “I am sorry” since I know that has probably been said until you are sick of those words. I will say God has a plan…He hates sending memos though, I know this first hand! I had PCOS but I did have 2 children, however I have a sister with it as well and she can not have kids. I wanted 6 children, gor preg 4 times, 2 births, and my youngest (a girl) is going through losing her entire tongue, 52 lymph nodes and left tonsil to cancer. The doctors can not explain WHY or HOW this happened…it just did. My dream of being a grandma is over. My son will not have kids because he is afraid of cancer, which seems to run rampent in our family, and my daughter can’t have kids now. Chemo, radiation and all of her meds pre puberty ruined her body. So my words to you (instead of Sorry) would have to be, stay strong, find humor, love the mundane and have child like wonder with the incredible! “Typical” is just a word we use to fit in…. NOTHING in my life is or will ever be typical again! And my daughter has taken the stance that God made her strong enough to get through this and she got sick early enough to not know “typical” so she has no way to really compare her potential to others. And isn’t that what puts us in that “typical” box? We compare what others have and if we can have what they do…well…we become misfits! And I personally love my little misfit island, there is never a dull moment to be had! God bless sweet girl! I look forward to seeing your work for years to come!

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