Inspiration From the Ordinary

posted by Misfit


I think a lot of people think it’s this magical lightbulb that just appears inside our brains at any given moment willing our hands to create upon the page.  But for me… inspiration usually comes in the most ordinary of events.  


Something so ordinary that anyone could relate.  Similar to setting up my Christmas tree with my dog every December.  For me this is when my inspiration took flight.  As I began to watch Teddie’s excitement over the tree and the shiny lights I began to wonder what she sees during this magical season.   How she views this bright and merry world around her in black and white.  I’d heard dogs only see few colors – so I began to imagine this world around me in duller colors.  How different it would look.  This I began to wonder what other animals would think upon seeing an ordinary tree glowing in the woods.  It truly must be an odd sight.  I bet they would give anything to see the true color spectrum of this wondrous tree in all its glamour.   


This is how the simply idea of a fox in the wood staring at a glowing tree came about.  A simply idea – yet one we all could relate too.  I mean who could resist the splendor and gleam of a glowing Christmas tree in a lonely wood. 

merry-and-bright-fox-close-upSo you see, inspiration doesn’t have to be grand and glorious to be magical.  If you are willing to just allow your mind to wonder just a little during the most mundane of tasks – you very well may find some magical inspiration waiting to be discovered.   




Diane February 23, 2017 at 7:49 am

I’m so pleased to have come across your youtube videos. You are an inspiration…..and i’m almost 70! (Just so you know… not all grandmas love and stick to traditional watercolors! LOL). Like you, I am trying many medium, (inks, watercolor markers by W&N, inktense pencils, various brands of watercolors, tubes and pans, gold leaf, etc.)

Looking forward to receiving your newsletters. In meantime will continue viewing your videos.

Hope your health improves, You might hsve been sent a curve ball but you sure know how to catch and get it back to home base. You, my dear, are doing what you were meant to do! And Congratulations for pursuing.

Misfit February 24, 2017 at 6:32 pm

Aw you are so sweet! Thanks for the kind comment! 😀 I’m glad you have come across my channel as well! Welcome to Misfitland! I usually send newsletters on Mondays to start your week with some goodness – so be on the look out for that. Health is improving, just trying to find a balance. Excited for what the future holds! You’ll get some cool sneak peeks in the upcoming newsletter of what is going on behind the scenes! So stay tuned! 😀 Lots of Love to you! Carrie


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