Inspiration & Sick Days…

March 2, 2019

This is gonna be a ramble-ly blog – partially because my head is still a bit fuzzy from being sick ? But Ugh! This has been a week! I’ve always had a poor immune system – but this time of year (aka flu season) always tends to hit me the hardest. What started out as what I thought was a stomach bug – turned into full fledge flu symptoms seemingly overnight. Yuck! I’m so glad my body didn’t go down though until after uploading the video for all of you on Wednesday!

I will say – I’m still exhausted – but able to keep food down now (which is always a good sign!). Over the past few days – I’ve been thinking alot – first of getting better but then also about my art. Yeah – as an artist – my brain never seems to turn off even when I’m sick as a dog. I started thinking about what I love about my art and what I want to improve on…

Inspiration for Improvement…

Lighting and shading has always been a bit difficult for me – especially because I don’t use reference photos but rather work off of what I see in my head. I usually start with a really rough thumbnail sketch and then work from there building up the illustration slowly and surely until it closely matches what I see in my head.

My Art Process…

This is partially the reason why I love having an IPAD and apple pencil for my process work. I tend to due all my initial drawings on paper – but then transfer them into an app called Procreate and digitally color them. By doing it this way – it allows me to test out different color palettes quickly and with ease – as well as process through where I want my light source and shadows.

Basically – I’m creating a reference photo within Procreate to follow during my watercolor painting process. That being said – I want to improve on this technique of shading over the next couple of months and hone it more and more. I’ve always loved illustrations with dramatic lighting – so I think I’m gonna be pursing that in the future. :) Make sure to stay up with the blog – I’ll continue to share my thoughts and process as I learn :D

Watch my Painting Process for this illustration here :)

Check out my last post – click the image below :)

One response to “Inspiration & Sick Days…”

  1. Alison Fennell says:

    Hi Carrie – this so resonated with me! I love that reminder to connect to our younger artist child when we feel stuck! I hope it is OK that I have encouraged my students to read and watch your blog post – you’re great. I watch your sensual and motivational videos on Youtube – Alison – The Pottering Artist

    This is the FB post I did of you –

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