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Drawing with Training Wheels: Making a Grid

posted by Misfit July 30, 2015

Taking Reference Photos

So I’m sure by now you’re like, “Okay Carrie, where’s the drawing?”

    • We have taken a reference photo (You can click the image to the right)
    • We have traced that photo to create a contour (simple lined) drawing (You can click the image to the right for this one as well)

Breaking Down the Drawing Process Step 2

So where’s the drawing? Well, my friend, today is the day we draw to our hearts content.  But first, get some training wheels.  What?  Yeah, you heard me right-Training wheels.   If your reading this then chances are drawing doesn’t come naturally to you.  In fact, you probably are having a really tough time just getting started.   It’s pretty much the same as riding a bike.  Some of us pick it up naturally and don’t need the training wheels.  But there are others of us who need a little extra help.  This doesn’t mean I expect you to use the training wheels for the rest of your life- only to help us get a head start on learning until we don’t need them anymore.

What are drawing training wheels?


I mean come on, let’s be honest…if I asked you to draw a square or a circle you would happily jump on that assignment.  But looking at a dog or coffee mug seems a bit more intimidating.   But it really shouldn’t be.   Everything we see is made up of basic shapes and lines.   This is why we need the grid, to force us back into that simplistic means of thinking.

Before we begin drawing, we have to use a little math to create our “Training Wheels.”

 Supplies List

What you are going to need….

  • Transparent refill Sleeves
  • Sharpie Marker (Preferably Colored)
  • Ruler with Centimeter measurement
  • Scissors
  • Cheap Dark Paper
  • Tape

Alright here we go…creating our “training wheels”

Step One

Step One: Choose one corner of the transparent sleeve to be your center Axis ( Think about making a graph in Geometry).  This corner would be where your 0,0 point would be located.

Step 2

Step TWO:  From that corner, Using your color sharpie marker, in a straight line across, place a dot every 2 cm.  (I like using 2 cm because it’s easier to make the drawing bigger or smaller if need be…I’ll demonstrate a bit later)

Step 3

Step Three: Now repeat the previous step except this time place 2cm dots going all along the other sides.  (we will connect these dots in the next step)

Step 4

Step Four: Connect the dots across from each other with a ruler to create a square grid.


And there you have it!  Your transparent grid “Training Wheels!”


If you want to continue reading about how to use this grid click the link or image below.

Postive and Negative Shapes

Lots of love on your art journey,

Carrie Luc


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