Storytime: Searching for Rainbows

July 10, 2018

So get ready for an epic-ly long storytime about finding rainbows in the midst of dreary circumstances.  I don’t usually do these – but felt the need to record this story for myself and anyone else who may need a pick me up sometime in the future :)  Enjoy!


Out of all the images I snapped on our previous trip to the mountains – this one speckled with rainbow flecks means the most to me.   This picture looks like a beautiful oasis – of rainbows and flowers abundantly blooming in a peaceful mountain cove.   While it may seem that way – this image is actually a snapshot tucked in a snarling wilderness of poison ivy, fallen trees, a trail that seemed forbidden and impassable.  Oh did I mention – spiders the size of your hand were also lurking in the background of this photo! ?


You see, while on our trip, the hubby and I decided to take a little hike and try to catch a glimpse of some waterfalls.  We asked one of the tour guides – where the best hiking trails were. They proceeded to tell us of one particular trail on the reserve that was the most breath-taking sight we could ever see – a waterfall plunging from a rock face nearly 4 stories high.  It sounded gorgeous!  There was one problem – you could only get there by boat.  So, after being encouraged by the guides that we had to try it – we hitched a ride on a local boat and made our way toward the trail.  Little did we know – WE WERE NOT PREPARED FOR WHAT LAY AHEAD.


Without much thought – we meandered from the boat – toward the trail.  We were then told that in approximately one hour – our boat would return to this very spot and pick us up.   So – with a quick goodbye – our only escape from the island we had been marooned on left. 

Thankfully we had thought well enough ahead to pack water, bug spray and all the other normal hiking items.   However, we hadn’t counted on the trail being so difficult.   Within minutes of hiking up a sheer rock face – we knew this wasn’t going to happen.   Fallen trees hung across our path like gates foreboding us of the harsh conditions ahead.  The only way to continue forward was by straddling each precarious tree and holding on for dear life – or chance fall off the cliff just beside us.  To make matter worst – it had rained the night before.   As a result – my shoes were caked in mud making it extremely difficult to get a firm footing on anything.  

After ten minutes of trying to hike the nearly impossible trail – my husband spoke the words we both were afraid to say…WE CAN’T MAKE IT… WE HAVE TO GO BACK.


I’m a pretty stubborn person – but knew it wasn’t wise to push forward.  At first, I felt really stupid for even attempting such a challenging trail.   Then I felt fear creep up my spine. We were all alone and unable to get back home.   To make my spine shiver even more – bears had been seen earlier in the area.   “What if’s,” began to swarm my mind.  I felt this deepening sense of overwhelming anxiety begin to overtake me.  That’s when my husband came up with the game – “LOOKING FOR THE RAINBOWS.”   

It sounds odd – but it will make sense in a moment.  One tool I always bring with me when filming is a small glass prism.  It’s one of my favorite effects to incorporate in film and photography.  This prism when placed at the just the right angle – can create vivid rainbows.  You just have to point it toward the light.

Since we still had close to an hour to waste before our boat would return, my husband and I went to searching for the light.     After some searching – we finally caught a glimpse of sunshine peeking through the trees above us.  There sat a solitary flower backlit with the noonday sun.  Taking out my glass prism – I placed it just out of focus of my camera lens and snapped the shot.   Rainbows burst out in every direction – making a otherwise dreary path into a rainbow oasis.


Sometimes you get into scary situations that are just hard and dreary.  But if you take a moment and look – with the right perspective you can make rainbows appear out of no where.  Keep looking for the rainbows even when you can’t see them!

PS – the guide came back and we met 3 other hikers before leaving that dreary oasis.   And while I never got to see the waterfalls- I did get this awesome pic and a fantastic story to tell all of you.  SO TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!

8 responses to “Storytime: Searching for Rainbows”

  1. Lilia Webb says:

    What a great story and positive to eliminate fear and negatives. I’m glad you made it back save and even more glad that you shared how you did it and we can take the principle along with us on our artist journey as well. I’m going to remember it. :)

  2. joyce brooks says:


    Isn’t that just like life?

    We think we’re doing the right thing, going in the right direction, being led by God, and then we find out ….oops! This was my idea and it was wrong.

    Letting go of what we thought was right is one of the hardest things to do. Facing that and I thoughtfully asking ourselves what we learned. Maybe a few new things and hopefully we’ll recognize them again next time . Before disaster happens!

    But there are rainbows! Beautiful beautiful rainbows! You’re right! They are there for us if we only take the time to to look for them.

    Thanks for sharing.,. Oh and i’m so glad you did not bring home a spider the size of your hand!
    Yuck !

  3. Marie says:

    Wow That’s happened to me before but no Prism no rainbows ! Lived in South Carolina and got lost a couple of times,…on hiking trails very easy in deep woods! Love the photo! Glad you are OK

  4. Cindy Richter says:

    What a thoughtful story and experience. Sometimes our life takes a turn and we wonder how we got there. Then you start thinking of making the most of it and Wow it turns out to be a wonderful experience after all. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Laura says:

    I’m always on the look out for rainbows. They’re among my favorite phenomenons that nature gives us. The scientific minded will remind me that it is just light bending. But to me, they’ve always been more.
    I’m glad you found your rainbow. A simple yet profound lesson to those open to learning it.

  6. Adele says:

    What a beautiful uplifting story you shared. Thankyou. Life is always a mixture of dark times and sunny ones as well. Rainbows, which are a sign of God’s faithfulness, are everywhere – when we take the time and want to see them. I’m glad you didn’t bring a spider home too!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    No rain, no rainbows … sometimes you have to go through something crappy to get to the good stuff!

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