The Choice – Galaxy Watercolor Painting

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Alot can change

in just seven days...



It’s weird to think that just a week ago – I was shopping for some new home decor – yet today I’m planning on how to stock pile at the least two weeks worth of food from the limited supplies left at our local grocer.  My mind is still trying to wrap itself around what I am seeing and beginning to realize that this will be my new normalcy for the next couple of weeks if not months.  

I also find it strange to think that while I’m hunkering down in my home – someone of the opposite side of the globe is doing the exact same and most likely are feeling the exact same nervous jitters within the pit of their stomach.   Though I don’t know their name – we are connected by a solitary event that is reaching across the globe affecting all of humanity.      

Which leads me back to this virus – that almost feels like a blanket of darkness enveloping the world around me.   Just like those stars – I have a choice to make.  I can either allow my heart to be overtaken by my own anxious fears and darkness – or shine my stubborn light out into this bleak night.     Now – I don’t say this lightly.   My heart trembles at the thoughts of what is to come.   I’m scared – but I’m mainly saying this to myself.   I REFUSE FOR MY SPIRIT TO BE BROKEN.   

So how am I doing this?  Well, for me plugging into my passions and sharing them with others (basically what I am doing here) is how I’m trying to face my inner demons as well as the night.   I do this by painting, drawing, being creative in some fashion or form.   But to someone else if might be encouraging a friend on the phone, playing with an online community, or sharing your talent of an instrument.  Basically – what ever you find a passion in – try and think of a way to use it and share it.   This is how we shine!


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cindy March 25, 2020 at 7:27 pm

Hi Carrie, not much to say other than Thank you. Feeling a bit stressed, went to your blog and feel better already. Love your kind, thoughtful words and your painting ability is inspirational. That’s all, thank you.
Kind regards from a fellow misfit,


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