About Me

Looking back -it’s hard to believe this shy and quiet girl went on a whim to upload her first video to YouTube. I honestly didn’t think I’d get a lot of views and just wanted to share my artistic journey during a rough time in my life. Fast-forward to when I’m writing this – that small little channel has over 9.4 million views and a community that is beyond supportive. It’s crazy to reflect back and think what started out as a weekend hobby soon developed into my full-time job.

At the moment, I have over 180 videos on my Youtube channel and 15 full-length watercolor courses on my own teaching site plus more to come! It’s really remarkable how much can change in such a short time.

Currently, I live in South Carolina with my soulmate, husband, and greatest supporter – Stephen (He helps me a lot with the technical stuff on the site) -as well as my two rambunctious fur babies named Teddie and Pepper.


If you would like to contact me – please email me at support@watercolormisfit.com or find me on Instagram and Facebook.