Which Watercolor Workshop Should I Take?

my watercolor workshops

Hello Friend and welcome to my online watercolor workshops preview page.  If you are curious as to what online watercolor courses/workshops I offer this page will give you a rough break down of each course as well as it's level – ranging from absolute beginner to advanced.  

Each of my courses are located inside my very own site called Watercolor Misfit Land – which is an online community of over 2,000 students.   If you would like to learn more about it make sure to check out the video below.  

the absolute beginner

For those of you who are absolute newbs to the wonderful world of watercolor – I actually just started a series of courses targeting all the skills an absolute beginner needs to know.u00a0 These workshops are included under the WATERCOLOR 101 section below.u00a0 That being said – if you are intermediate to advanced and want a refresher on the basics – I've also included some handy hacks and tips inside each of the courses below to help round out your skills in watercolor as well as give you a bit of a challenge.u00a0 u00a0


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level one beginner

In this course, we explore the seven core watercolor supplies and how each one can be affected using water control.u00a0 We then dive into how watercolor paints can each have their own unique personalities and create a system for how to classify them with my own trade secret method.

level TWO beginner

In this course, we explore the foundational method to all watercolor – paint ratios. Here we will explore how to water down our paints into values and even how to mix colors using paint ratios. This course will be release in fall 2021. 


painting for beginners

In this course, we explore a rough overview of the basics of watercolor and then use those skills to paint a whimsical fox.u00a0u00a0

painting for beginners

In this course, we explore three different ways to paint bunnies as well as explore the skill of glazing colors.u00a0u00a0


painting for advanced

In this course, we explore painting colorful poppies using watercolor concentrates.u00a0 Be aware these paints are not lightfast and thus will fade over time.u00a0u00a0

I hope to see you soon inside one of these workshop!u00a0 Until next time…