Paint Supply Challenge

 One of the most consistent questions I receive from newbies is…


Will My Painting Look The Same If I Don’t Have The Same Supplies?

First, I want to address – this is a great question.   Especially, since some of the supplies I use are available to ship to specific countries.    Judith, One of my Watercolor Poppy course students, emailed me for this exact reason. In order to help others,  
 I’ve compiled our discussion, and my advice to her below.


While I would normally refer people to, many students especially internationally have alerted me that they do not ship to certain countries.  That said, who has time to wait a week or two for these supplies?
Here’s what I told Judith.
“While it is easier to follow along with me if you have the exact same supplies – it is not necessary.   Feel free to use your own paint supplies and experiment with what colors work best for you – in fact several students are experimenting with different colors.
Don’t worry about getting the exact color or being required to use the colors I’m using. In fact, I remember going to watercolor classes all the time and I never had the same paint as the teachers, usually had the cheap generic kind ’cause I couldn’t afford the other brands and it would usually work out.
 Several students have had the same problem, but went ahead and painted and honestly their painting looked great.
Just try it :)”


 Judith took the challenge and used her own existing paints.


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting her to email me the next day.  Judith went thru my video training, used the supplies I gave for her to succeed (drawing templates, mixing charts, progression charts, and more) and here’s what happened the next day.


Judith not only used her own supplies, she did a few things her own way.  This is what I want you to all to discover.  You don’t have to follow me to a T.  I give you everything to succeed, but along the way you will discover a little of your own style.  You’ll start to gain confidence and go past a mindset that may have been blocking you all this time.  That is just part of what
Ok, ok, so want to see what Judith painted?

For a newbie not using the same supplies, I am SOOOOOO IMPRESSED!  Such a beautiful painting!


First, if you are worried about supplies – DON’T BE!  I’ve tried to set this course up to allow you the freedom to play around and learn watercolors in your own methods.   I see myself as more of a learning coach – rather than a teacher. Teachers usually expect you to do everything exact.  Art isn’t like this.  Rather it’s about experimenting and learning – yet in a structured manner.


To try and help others, (like Judith has done in this article) I’m asking you for your help!   Once you have completed the course, please submit your work at the end.   This will not only help you discover a little more about your style, but also gain confidence in yourself.  Plus, if you complete the course and submit your painting – I’ll give you a free template of their choice from my Etsy shop.
Yes, that’s right – I’ll send you one you want.
That’s it!  Now what are you waiting for?

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