Why Watercolor Misfit?


Watercolor Misfit started in 2013 with a short and completely awkward time-lapsed painting called Out of the Box.  It was published for the simple reason for me to try and process my life journey’s pains, sweat, tears, and hopes for a better tomorrow.   It’s simple goal was to help see life in a brighter light through my camera lens and paintings.  It soon blossomed into a means for me to reach through my computer screen and share with others my craft, my healing, and just my love of learning.    Fast forward three years, and Watercolor Misfit has grown in ways I never imagined.   It’s become a safe place to learn and share.   A great community of people who also want to celebrate life through the simple stroke of a brush.


Well, first feel welcomed to a place where learning is key and mistakes freely welcomed.  Sometimes the best way to learn to to have a bit of “creative destruction.”  First, let’s go ahead and establish, I’m a self taught artist, so my ways aren’t the traditional means of watercolor.   I use ink, acrylic paint, and watercolor together on the paper.   This is usually known as a mixed media artist.

If you’re up for the challenge and courageous enough to try, I’m willing to share with you all my trade secrets of how I paint and make your learning process as easy as possible.

Look, I know we don’t have much time on our hand in this day and age.  I feel like the older I get the less time I actually have for me.  This is why I created TEMPLATES to make the drawing process A LOT easier.  If you’ve been experimenting with watercolor you know the drawing is key to having a great painting.  So, when you don’t have a lot of time, simple trace out the drawing I provide and paint at your leisure.


Well, because art was my means and still is my means of processing who I am, what I want to do, and just giving me a bit of identity in this crazy world.  Growing up, I didn’t have much art instruction and found myself more discouraged than satisfied with my art once I reached the end.   This is the precise reason why I teach-why I share my drawings with you.   If I had had someone to share with me their knowledge as a child I would have unlocked the power of art A LOT sooner.  I don’t want anyone else to miss out.

So what do you say? Will you be courageous enough to try?