The ETSY Shop

It’s hard to believe, but I finally have an ETSY Shop.

However, it’s not your average art shop.

Instead of selling my art work, I sell mainly templates (also known as lined drawings) for you to use in your own painting ventures.  Yeah, you heard me right… I giving away my art sketches for you to use for your own personal creative journey.











So why am I doing this?

Well, first off I think having a template is one of the best creative tools you can own.  WHY?  Because I’ve found most people are so intimidated to start the first step (which is draw an outline) that they refuse to even pick up the brush and paint a simple stroke.   I find this so depressing, because I know everyone has a creative bone somewhere in their body.  But perfectionism has robbed you from experiencing it.  So, I decided – why not take the most challenging part out of the equation.  What if I gave you the drawing and all you had to do was trace it?

But Tracing a Template Sounds Hard…

It doesn’t have to be.   After printing out my simple lined drawing – simple place it either on a light table (or if you are cheap like me) a clean window on a bright sunny day and simple trace the template onto watercolor paper.   However, if this still is intimidating and you really want to take the short cut – there is another way.   Simple buy your watercolor paper and take it to a print shop with the equipment to print the template on your watercolor paper.  Does the ink smudge when you paint over it?  Yes, a little but not enough to ruin the overall concept of the painting.

So have I eased your fears? Well here are some examples of what’s available in the shop currently.




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