3 Creative Ways to Organize Your Art Nook

Let’s be Honest with ourselves, if you are into art, chances are you have that cozy little corner somewhere in your house that is your creative brainstorming/painting art nook.   Whether it be a room or a tiny corner located in the corner of your home, if you love art chances are you have one.

Today, I will be giving you a sneak peek into my creative nook as well as giving you some tips to help you make the most out of your creative nook too. 

Number ONE: Keep a Journal

    • This may seem like a random tip in my list, but it has helped me tremendously in my art and my creative nook.  In my notebook, I write random things I’ve learned on my art journey, projects that didn’t work, future goals for myself, and other random things.  By creating your own resource book which you can refer to, it will not only help you learn but also keep your mind organized which will in turn carry over into your creative nook. 

Number TWO:  ORGANIZING: How often do you Use it?

    • First ask yourself the question, how often do I use this?  Items that you use almost every project need to be out in the open ready to grab in a moments notice, yet also organized in such a way that you can easily find them. My first set of “Go to Supplies” are organized on a simple storage rolling cart with 3 shelves. I organize my watercolor paints, pencils, palettes, inks, water, tape, and any other supplies that are an absolute must have on this cart.  The reason I like it, is because it’s easy to roll to where ever I’m painting and it’s also easy to store away when I don’t want it to be seen. My next set of “Go to Supplies” would be brushes and pens which I organize in random containers.  Since I often only use 3 to five brushes per project, I’ve placed these decoratively throughout the room in random containers and even old broken flower pots I’ve collected over the years.  Remember, you don’t have to buy brand new and hurt your wallet…some of these I’ve collected from family, friends, and even thrift store shopping. For items that I don’t use as often, I organize these in decorative boxes and storage bins based on their use.  Thus papers are all located in one area, stamps in another, acrylic paints, even camera stuff all has a specific location. 

Number THREE: Make Your Space a Creative Hub

    • What do I mean by this?  I mean make your space easily changeable.  As artist, we tend to thrive on new and well “artistic” environments.  I find myself often getting quickly “bored” in my nook.  I solved this by creating areas that can be easily and quickly changed whenever these “boredom” artist-blocks arise. First, I hung clotheslines where I can display my art and other creative things that help inspire me.  These clothes lines are easy to hang, inexpensive, and what I love most easily inter-changable. Another aspect that I do just to change things up a bit is I will hang colorful scarfs in different locations to help throw color on my walls.  I did this with some simple push pins, but if you are worries about damaging your wall, you can also do this with command hooks with the velcro strip.   
And that is a a small glimpse of my artist nook as well as some tips for you on how to make the most out of yours.  I hope you enjoyed this video, and I will see you next time. 

Want to learn more? Check out the video below!

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