The Benefits of Tracing onto Watercolor Paper

Benefit #01: Less Erasing/Extra Marks on the Paper

For me – the main reason is that I use higher quality watercolor paper – meaning when I transfer a drawing onto my watercolor paper I want the least amount of damage, indents, or rough patches as possible during the drawing process.  So by tracing, I’m alone transferring my final sketch onto my watercolor paper.

Benefit #02: Sizing

The second benefit of tracing is that I can digitize my sketches and then change the proportions of my drawings on my computer to whatever size I desire.   Which can then be traced easily to watercolor paper. 

Benefit #03: Warm-Up Activity

Next, I like to think of tracing as the warm-up stage of an exercise class.  It’s usually a very easy task to do – and gets your body loose and into the mindset of creating.    And like I said earlier – sometimes the hardest task to do is just start.   For me, tracing helps ease me into the creative process and gets me thinking about how I want to work on the upcoming painting or even what supplies I might want to use.   

Benefit #04: Think In Color:

And finally, tracing gives me the opportunity to think in color.   Instead of using the standard gray or black lines for a drawing – I can opt for colors that will closely align with my painting – such as using an orange watercolor pencil line for my reddish-orange fox.  By using lines that are close in color to what you will be painting – the final illustration with appear more cohesive as a whole in color hues.  This little trick is an excellent way to elevate the appearance of your paintings in a simple and easy hack.   

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