I can’t believe it’s already a new month! This is crazy how quickly time seems to be passing in the art studio! I have to admit – I started strong in April on the watercolor challenges – but ended with a flop. So not gonna dwell on it and just pick myself up for this month. I’ve shortened the challenge to only 3 topics this month! Patterns, mixing neutrals, and then cacti and succulents.

I love using patterns, such as dots and stripe to show details on succulents and cactus. So this should be a pretty easy challenge. As for mixing neutrals – try using less colors when painting your cactus or succulent – by mixing contrasting colors to create dirt and sand colors. ? This is one of my secrets to creating nice color harmony with my browns. Thus – if I’m using alot of greens in my painting – I’ll try mixing that green color with my reds, oranges, and pinks to see what neutral brown color works best with my current color palette. ? So have fun and explore painting!

ALSO – If you want to join in the challenge but don’t like the drawing process – here’s a drawing you can use from my shop ? Check out the link below ?


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