What Does it Mean to be an Artist

I'm not sure about you, but sometimes I get really bogged down when creating. At times, it can get so bad - I don't even want to attempt to create anything. Which for me is odd - because I love creating and painting. But, Lately, I've been thinking about what it actually means to be an artist or anything that encompasses creating. We have to be inventors - because most of the time the items we are creating haven't been done before or we haven't learned the exact method in which to accomplish the idea in our heads. Another thing we have to be is observers. We have to train our eyes to see things that the ordinary person wouldn't see. I mean - have you ever wondered why we have so many names for colors. Because we can see the slightest difference in a magenta lilac and a magenta mauve. We also have to be visionaries. I mean how many times have you created something on paper that only existed in your mind's eye. We are excellent imaginative beings that desire to capture beauty that may not actually exist in real life.
We are also sensitive or thoughtful when approaching art. I often find myself being my own biggest critic. I can usually rip apart everything that is wrong with my art in seconds - which can be a good thing and a bad thing. It allows me to see things that I can improve on - but also can stifle my creative drive if I let it.

But most of all, we are courages. Usually our art is an extension of ourselves - a way to be vulnerable and exposed - allowing someone else to see our innermost thoughts. It's even more terrifying not knowing how they will respond when seeing our labor of love. Often we are met with positive affirmation - but sometimes the most wounding parts of being an artist is having your own work ripped apart. And after you find yourself beaten down and wounded - we have to pick ourselves up again and start again with a new challenge and a new project.

So yeah - being an artist requires you to be a lot of things. And sometimes it can be tiring and even grueling. But don't stop creating through it all. Because you never know when that next break will happen or how your art will impact someone else. Remember it is always better to have FAILED AND LEARN RATHER THAN NEVER HAVE TRIED AT ALL..

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