Drawing Supplies – My Favorites

Drawing Supplies are very important when it comes to watercolor. Below is a list of my favorite supplies – as well as why I like them.

Drawing Pencils

When looking for pencils – I prefer to use a hard lead that leaves very little graphite on the paper. Thus, my pencil marks are light and easy to paint over. My current favorite drawing pencil is the Kimberly Graphite Pencil in a 9H (although sometimes I do use a 6H).

Kimberly Graphite DRAWING Pencil 9H

Pencil Sharpener

After purchasing your pencils – you are gonna need a pencil sharpener. The Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencil Sharpener is a new fav that I recently picked up from amazon. For the price – it’s an awesome manual pencil sharpener that creates super sharp point. And for the price – you really can’t beat it.

Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencil Sharpener


My next fav – drawing supply is this little eraser – a General Artist Gum Eraser. I was introduced to this type of eraser during my drawing class in college. Gum erasers are known for being softer than traditional erasers and leave less smudge marks as well as rough patches on your paper. So having one of these handy is a must.

General Pencil 136EBP Artist Gum Eraser


Finally, every artist needs a good sketchbook. For me – I’m incredible picking about the feel of my paper. I like a paper that is incredible smooth – making it easy to erase as well as think enough to play around with inking. That’s why Strathmore Mixed Media Wire Bound is my long time fav. This paper is thick – yet smooth giving me a great surface to work on. Recently, I’ve been working on the larger size sketchbook to save on money. But if you are intimated by the larger sizes – they have a good selection of smaller journals as well.

Strathmore 300 Series Mixed Media Pad, 11″x14″ Wire Bound, 40 Sheets

And that’s a list of my fav drawing supplies currently! Hope you found this list helpful!

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