I absolutely love adding hints of gold, iridescent, and just plain unexpected bits of shimmer to my paintings. That’s why I’ve included a list of my current iridescent and gold paints for you as well as my thoughts on each.

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry Colors 6 Color Set 

This is by far my favorite set of gold paints I own – especially considering the price. These paints add a hint of gold or silver to your painting with little effort. So if you are looking for a cheap gold supply – this one is fabulous.

Winsor Newton Iridescent Medium

My next fav iridescent supply would be winsor and newton’s iridescent medium. This bottle of shimmer can be applied on top of your paper as a shimmer glaze or added to your wet paint for a glistening sheen. I love to add this to scarves and winter paintings to spice things up a bit.

Schmincke Aqua Bronze Powder

This stuff is expensive – but if you want to create an intense gold look this is the way to go. You can water this stuff down for a less intense look of beef it up for a rich gold appearance. I currently have the colors pale rich gold, silver, and copper. But if I was going to invest in only one – I’d choose the copper (which looks more like a rose gold.)


I only have three of these special watercolor blends from Daniel smith – but they are really gorgeous and I’d love to try out more. The only down side is these paints have to be used fresh from the tube or else they loose their intensity. Plus, they are extremely hard to rewet once dried. So just keep this in mind. Below are the color’s I currently own…

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Duochrome, Lapis Sunlight

Daniel Smith Watercolor Duochrome, Adobe

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Interference, Lilac

GOLDEN ARTIST Acrylic Paint Color: Bright Gold (Fine)

And finally my last two gold supplies are both acrylic paints from Golden. One is a rich gold color and the other is a pale cool gold. I like to use these colors as bases for sections that I want to coat in a rich gold color. Typically I will use these as an under layer and then once they have dried paint either my schmincke aquabronze on top or glue down gold leaf to intensify the gold. I have tried watering these down to add a top coat of shimmer to my watercolor – but it didn’t take so well. So just something to keep in mind.

GOLDEN ARTIST Acrylic Paint Color: Interference Gold Fine

And those are my current selection of gold and iridescent paints! Hopefully this list helps you in your supply searching journey!

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