How to paint a watercolor bunny

There is something about animals that has always inspired me.   One of the first animals I ever drew was my dog sleeping soundly on our front step.   Shortly after drawing her – I suddenly wanted to try other animals and give each and every one of them personalities just like my lazy sleepy dog.   One thing led to the next and soon I was creating a menagerie of animals.  Which has led us to this moment – Today we are going to be painting Frank the Bunny and learning some crucial watercolor skills as we paint.

Now, Frank I have to say is a peculiar little bun who has a bit of an addiction when it comes to his sweet yet dark cup of Joe. He can also be a bit temperamental at times – and a bit unpredictable in his moods. If that still doesn’t scare you away – then MAKE SURE TO GRAB YOUR FREE DRAWING OF FRANK THE BUNNY BELOW!  


Three crucial watercolor skills

If you missed it – make sure to check out my last video before starting this tutorial.   This video is a quick review of the three crucial watercolor basic skills you have to know in order to paint with watercolor.  If you would like to check out the post on this topic – click the link below.  

This is probably the funniest painting I’ve done in a while!  Here’s a quick snap of what the final painting looks like.  Below is the video tutorial as well as a step by step image progression of the painting.  Enjoy!

Carrie aka Watercolor Misfit

corrected PINTEREST long tutorial pin-copy

and that's it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and had fun painting with Frank the bunny!  

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