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– Charles Spurgeon.  


I don’t know about you, but I have this knack for doing too much at one time.   My personality has always been the type to take on the world with no questions asked.   That is until lately…

It happened around my birthday – at the beginning of October.  I’m not sure if it was the beginning of a mini mid-life crisis or just because of all the chaos that had been surrounding my life over the past few weeks – but around that time I suddenly had this depressing thought of how quickly time was passing.   It seemed like I blinked and seven years had whirled by since getting married to my husband.  It had also been five years since we first introduced Teddie to our family.  And now we had a new pup filling our lives.   CRAZY!  Was the only word I could think of when reminiscing about how quickly time was slipping from my fingers.   


Strangely, I wasn’t really depressed over the sudden realization – but rather more attuned to how precious all those moments were.  I wanted to cherish every second I had with my little family – before even more moments slipped away.   And that meant prioritizing some things in my life.   

I’m sure everyone – has some sort of bucket list – jotted down in their mind of things they want to accomplish in their life.   And this subtle passing of time – had reminded me that I still had a lot I wanted to do.  But I couldn’t do it all – I had to be honesty with myself – there just wasn’t enough time in the day and my body was not that of a twenty year old any more.   

So, I needed to prioritize what actually matter and what didn’t – what could I remove from my life and what should I strive forward at with full force.   By creating a list – it helped me see where my priorities lay and what truly needed my attention.  


I knew I would get further by letting go of some things – even if it scared the fudge out of me.  I mean – we don’t see olympic champions running around with weights tied to their feet – so why was I strapping invisible weights to my back and still believing that I could run this race of life at the same speed as if I had none.   So I whisked through my list and slowly eliminated anything and everything I possible could.  There were some weights that I would have to bare – life just had a way of making us sure we carried some burdens.  But there still were others I could set aside. As I began to scratch off my list – things began to fall into place and my focus began to narrow on the direction I wanted to take. A direction that wouldn’t rob me of precious moments with my family but still allow me to pursue my dreams the I clutched in my pocket.  

So all that to say – life is short so why not make the most of it.   And making the most of it means putting all your focus onto what truly matters deep within your heart.  

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