Dear Younger Me – A Letter to My Younger Self

It’s crazy to think that 4 years ago I uploaded my very first video to YouTube.  4 years since I built up enough courage to put myself out into the vast world of cyber space.   My life today is drastically different from back then and I honestly can’t imagine who I would be if I had never uploaded that video – or never created this channel.  It’s strange to think that the small decision to press record so long ago has impacted so much.   And though I have no regrets there is some advice I wish I had known before I began this journey – advice that may have helped me mettle through this road we call life a bit easier.  So here it goes,


Don’t worry so much about what people think.   Everyone is entitled to their own opinion – but if they aren’t willing to accept you for you – they aren’t worth your time.  You are the best version of you right now – and don’t let anyone try to change it.   You ultimately decide who you are – and though you have a lot to learn – and you’ll change LIKE ALOT – realize it’s all part of the journey to become and even better version of you.   

oh and also, remember that no one is perfect – including you.   Cut yourself a break when things feel awkward or you just have a bad day – life isn’t about standing still like a stick in the mud – but moving forward – traversing this slippery landscape we call life.   You are bound to slip up and you are bound to make mistakes.    

Which leads me to another point – NEVER BE AFRAID TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW.   Keep your curiosity and stubbornness.  Don’t let anyone tell you what you “that’s impossible” or “you’ll never be good enough so why try.”   Those types of people are simple-minded and though they often mean well – can’t see the beauty just beyond our finger tips.   Remember, dreamers are often seen as crazy until their dreams become reality.  Remember there are countless others who have been in your shoes and while they were mocked during their time – they are now respected as inventors and movers of their generations.   

Which brings me to another point, GO WITH YOUR GUT.   More often than not – it’s right – even if it doesn’t make logical sense at the time.  Trust yourself and always move forward.   If you have to adjust the sails and change course – but constantly push forward because one day this madness WILL MAKE SENSE.   

Oh, and although ALOT OF PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU LIFE IS ALL ABOUT THE HUSTLE – IT’S NOT.    I’ll be the first to say – I still don’t have it all figured out – but one thing I do know is that life is NOT about the hustle.  For me – life is about connecting to the world in a way only you can.  For this reason – your life (no matter how insignificant or small you feel right now) is VERY IMPORTANT.    You have a purpose and discovering that may take a life-time.   Don’t worry if you don’t have it all together right now – instead look for the smallest of moments you can make a difference – such as a simple smile or a helping hand.   Remember life isn’t all about you — there are others who are just as broken as you.   And they need to know they aren’t alone. 

Next, surround yourself with the kind of people in inspire you to be the best version of you.  Motivation is contagious.   Oh and keep in mind – Iron sharpens iron and sometimes differences of opinions help smooth out your own rough edges as well as challenge you to be a better version of you.   Always be willing to listen to criticism – but once again remember ultimately YOU HAVE THE FINAL SAY.     

FINALLY, Life isn’t going to be easy – in fact it’s about to get ALOT harder – it’s going to break you and shatter every dream you had been holding on to so tightly for years.   But you’ll heal and during that time you’ll learn who your true friends are as well as become more and more aware of the fact you married your best friend and soul mate.   You’ll change – during this time and some people won’t like it.  Don’t worry – just push forward.   Remember this is just the beginning.    In the end – everything will make sense and you’ll come out better for it.  

So keep learning, keep creating and keep inspiring yourself as well as others thought this messy journey we call life.   


I am Truly Thankful!

About Author

Hi there! My name is Carrie and I'm a Watercolor Misfit! What's a Watercolor Misfit? Well, anyone who is willing to try new things and not afraid to get their hands covered in paint! So what do you say, are you a Misfit-ian?


  • Holly Tracy
    May 10, 2018 at 2:33 pm

    Love this Carrie! I can relate to your story very well. I just finally got back to my drawing roots a couple years ago and now I feel like me again. It was a long journey to get back, but I am so glad that I did. Thank you for your inspirational drawings and words. God Bless and take good care :)

  • peggy coffey
    May 10, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    You say it so eloquently, something everyone learns eventually. It may be hard and sometimes it doesn’t make any sense, but you’re where you are supposed to be. You’re living the life you were meant to live and to be able to share it with your soulmate makes it even sweeter. Enjoy it. You brighten up so many people’s days with your sunny attitude. Keep it coming.

  • Cindy R
    May 10, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    You are so right! Having attained the age of 70 and just getting into art, especially watercolor, I have finally decided to just let go and enjoy the process. I don’t make great art, but am I ever having fun! We need to have faith in ourselves and not let others dictate what we can do with our art. Live for today and let tomorrow take care of itself. That is not saying don’t plan, but we can’t control everything. We need to accept that and do the best we can. I am enjoying channel so much and am learning so many great things. Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Diane
      May 10, 2018 at 5:01 pm

      You inspire me, Cindy. I’m 61 and am now bothered by annoying thoughts nagging me that I’m too old and why bother. I’m hoping I’ll get past this and do my thing, focusing on the process and not just the end result or where it will lead.

  • Diane
    May 10, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Well said, and your artwork is incredibly beautiful and inspiring! I’ve been going through an exploration phase, trying different mediums, techniques and subject matter to snap me out of my gloom and artistic disappointments. My husband doesn’t ‘get it’ and bugs me to go back to my larger acrylic paintings but I needed to experiment my way through this mental and artistic angst phase. I’d tell my younger self to listen to and trust your instincts rather than trying to please others.

  • Karen Coyle
    May 11, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    Dear Carrie, I am so happy you have taken time to find the You inside of You. Your channel has inspired me and I am grateful for it. Life is hard but definitely wonderful. We have to have balance in order to grow. We have to have stability in order to feel safe and loved. We have to have an opened mind and heart,being vulnerable, which is super hard to do. But I always told my children that you must know who you are,inside. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. You are the only one who knows you. Then you can share yourself with others. The journey of life,begins in us all. This journey is not the material things we aquire,forme, but all the people we touched and has touched us. That’s how we become who we are. How we grow and change through life. That’s our individual journey. It’s a wonderful feeling to be loved and to love. So happy you are experiencing this. You have made art fun for so many people. You are a One of a kind person. Thank you again.

  • Fran
    May 11, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    Let me add one more to your list, Carrie! Never be afraid to re-learn something old and braid it into the fabric of you. The world constantly changes and you are not keeping up with life if you stagnate. Creativity means reinvention!


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